Registries for All Diseases has been selected as the winner of the Collaborate|Activate Innovation Challenge. Registries for All Diseases is an initiative to create a comprehensive, crowdsourced, cross-disease registry to help accelerate translational research for over 1,000 diseases. The team, consisting of partnering organizations Genetic Alliance, CFIDS Association of America, National Psoriasis Foundation, and the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation, will receive $300,000 to bring their vision to life.
Registries for All Diseases
“Data can accelerate research and services, help us get better
patient outcomes, and save money, but right now, this
data is in silos and is not easily accessible to researchers.
By creating a patient- centered research network that
spans many diseases, people will be empowered to participate
in their own health and can contribute data to advance the
development of disease treatments.”
Sharon Terry, President & CEO, Genetic Alliance

Registries for all Diseases has the greatest potential to impact all people with chronic diseases.”

Judge Marc Boutin, Executive VP & COO,
National Health Council

Registries for All Diseases was the most ambitious proposal we saw. I especially like the modular approach to multiplying the number of registries and appreciate the sustainability of their plan”

Judge Josh Benner, CEO, RxAnte

“Bold, ambitious, and if anyone could get this done it would be Sharon Terry and these collaborators.”

Judge Donna Cryer, President & CEO,
American Liver Foundation
Congratulations to our runner-up: 21st Century Brain Trust
21st Century Brain Trust is an initiative advancing the dialogue on brain health rather than brain disease and empowering people to take control of their cognitive well-being. It includes distributing a self-administered, clinical-grade cognitive testing app to detect asymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease. The team, comprised of the Geoffrey Beene Gives Back Alzheimer’s Initiative, the American Health Assistance Foundation, and the USAgainstAlzheimers Network, will receive $100,000 to further develop its solution.
Congratulations to our two Collaborate|Activate Challenge Finalists
Flu Near You

This project targets families and heads of households through a patient- centered tool for real-time flu surveillance and promotion of immunization for families and caregivers. Families can connect to data about health in their communities and where to find immunizations in their area.

Partnering to End Pain

Web-based technology to connect patients with six chronic pain conditions to a registry that will use a standardized assessment in order to develop a comprehensive database for use in clinical research.